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Is Halal Cuisine Only Limited to Pakistani Food?

When we think about ‘Halal Cuisine’, commonly, the only thing that comes to mind is Pakistani food. Halal food is not limited to Pakistani Cuisine. On the contrary, any cuisine can be Halal if the rules and regulations required to make Halal food are followed. When you follow these rules, any kind of national/international cuisine can be prepared and served to your guests. Halal food suppliers have created an impressive diversity in their menu. This initiative was taken to give Muslims a chance to enjoy global cuisine without worrying about breaking the Islamic laws regarding food consumption and to introduce Halal cuisine into the World. 

Halal food catering is becoming more common than other catering services for small-scale events and large-scale events alike. Here is our pick on a variety of cuisines that can be cooked in a Halal way. Before we proceed further, let’s learn about halal food methods and rules.

What Makes Food Halal

The term ‘Halal’ has been derived from the Arabic word, which actually means ‘permissible’. Meat that is prepared solely by the Zabiha Halal rules is permissible for Muslims to consume. Consuming an animal’s meat that had been slaughtered improperly, is against the Islamic dietary restriction. Food contaminated with blood or alcohol is also forbidden. Herbivores are permissible for Muslims whereas, carnivorous animals, flesh-eating reptiles, and birds are not permissible.

Halal Cuisines

As mentioned above, Halal cuisine is not solely limited to Pakistani food. Here, we’ll learn about the variety of cuisines that can be prepared the Halal way.

Italian Cuisine

The specialty across Southern Europe is Italian cuisine, and rightfully so because that is where Italy exists. The key to making any cuisine specifically exceptional for a country is the unique mixture of meals and ingredients. This is further passed on to generations and after perfecting the recipes, it becomes that country’s traditional specialty. Italian cuisine includes the following food items as its essence :

  1. Risotto Alla Milanese
  2. Polenta
  3. Lasagne
  4. Ravioli
  5. Osso Buco
  6. Arancini
  7. Ribollita
  8. Spaghetti Alla Carbonara
  9. Pizza
  10. Gnocchi

Most of these dishes are prepared with meat. If all the rules required to prepare Halal food are followed, Italian cuisine can be consumed by Muslims. There could be a question raised about red wine, as that is also forbidden for Muslims. Luckily, we have found a way around that too. Pomegranate juice or better yet, Red Wine Vinegar. Red Wine Vinegar is non-alcoholic and can be used as a substitute for Red Wine.

Asian Cuisine

People generally tend to misinterpret this term, but Asian Cuisine goes far beyond Indo-pak cuisine. Asian cuisine consists of all the regional cuisines that exist in the continent of Asia. Following are some of the cuisines that are categorized as Asian;

  1. Chinese
  2. Japanese
  3. Thai
  4. Vietnamese
  5. Pakistani
  6. Indian
  7. Turkey
  8. Syria

Although, the methods of preparation may vary Asian cuisine has one thing in common i.e the use of Rice and Meat.

People might be worried about the Japanese delicacy – ‘Sushi’, but seafood is permissible for Muslims. If pork and other omnivorous animals are excluded from the ingredients used to prepare East Asian Cuisine, it becomes halal. Noodles, dumplings, and egg rolls contain concentrated gelatin and enzymes, which are not permissible for Muslims. If the forbidden ingredients are substituted with Halal ingredients such as Agar Agar. There are some companies that make Halal Gelatin, but we recommend a safer alternative that you can be sure of.

Mexican Cuisine

Mexican cuisine is globally renowned for its unique, exotic, and extremely delicious food. Whether you talk about tacos, burritos, nachos, or even easy-to-make tostadas, everything is going to be mouth-watering. Treat your taste buds to a spicy delicacy from the Mexican Cuisine. It was a challenge to recreate the unique taste of Mexican cuisine without ground pork. That is when Halal food catering services and restaurants started experimenting with mutton, beef, and even chicken. The key to achieving the Halal certification was the elimination of ingredients that are not permissible. The meat would need to be marinated longer than usual to keep the tenderness and the tanginess intact. You don’t need to go to Mexico or be Mexican to be able to enjoy this World-renowned tangy cuisine.

Oriental Cuisine And Continental Cuisine

Oriental food is prepared according to the cooking practices of Asians, this includes stir-frying, quick frying, and boiling. Whereas, Continental food is prepared according to the cooking practices of Europeans, which include deep-frying, roasting, and baking. There is a possibility of the presence of permissible and non-permissible foods in both Oriental and Continental Cuisines. You can enjoy a variety of culture blended flavors and exotic dishes, the Halal way.

French Cuisine

French Cuisine consists of its signature ingredients and the unique cooking methods which make the food exceptional. The French take their cuisine very seriously, even if you talk about their classic ‘baguette’. When it comes to baguettes, the French strictly stick to the rules in order to make it ‘traditional’ title worthy. French cuisine is mostly made from duck and lamb meat, which are both permissible, per se. These animals are slaughtered lawfully and in a cruelty-free manner which makes them Halal for Muslims. The Islamic dietary restrictions are followed by the Halal food catering services and the food is served without alcoholic beverages. Some people cooperate with kindness and respect, others just walk away when they get to know that they can’t have wine.

Halal wedding catering has become extremely popular among the Non-Muslim community. Whether it’s a self-service event or multiple waiter-assisted events, Halal food is always the best. Rightfully so, the options are endless when it comes to Halal food catering. The abovementioned list consists of only a few types of cuisines that can be prepared the Halal way. The truth is if you completely follow the Islamic dietary rules anything can be prepared the Halal way. While being permissible for the Muslim community, Halal food isn’t limited just to them.