5 Dishes That Make Pakistani Cuisine Irresistible!

5 Dishes That Make Pakistani Cuisine Irresistible!

Do you ever wish to taste a criminally underrated and rich cuisine that is made up of a combination of Indian, Central Asian, and Persian influences? Well, by now if we have captured your interest then we are going to talk about the Pakistani dishes in detail that will satisfy your buds like never before.

There is no doubt in the fact that Pakistanis strictly believe in the meat offering the best nutritional value along with fulfilling their cravings like nothing else. This then becomes the reason why you mostly find meat-related dishes in a Pakistani menu whenever you look out for “Pakistani Halal Food Near Me”.  However, the magic of Pakistani cuisine just doesn’t stop there as it also includes the making of vegetables in ways that we bet will make you lick your fingers long after you have finished the meal.

As Tempura Halal takes great pride in offering the same if not better taste through our wide range of Pakistani dishes, we decided to highlight some of the best ones that will turn to be your favorites if you want Halal Food in Houston. Moreover, if you are a Pakistani living in our area, then you can enjoy the same exact taste as back home through the following top dishes.

1.     Chicken Biryani

No list f top Pakistani dishes can ever be complete without Biryani on it. In fact, the love for the dish goes back to the Mughal era, and eventually today it is so popular all around South Asia that there are many different versions of it. But if you really want to taste the best chicken biryani of them all, then we would suggest you to stick with the simple one which Tempura Halal also offers.

Basically, this dish is made with pre-steamed rice in a massive cooking vessel, dry spice combinations of cumin, nutmeg, cardamom, and turmeric are then being layered on top and within, along with soft strips of goat meat, beef, or chicken. Then comes the final layer of toppings, usually carrots or peanuts before finally serving it.

To make you enjoy each flavor of the dish, the trick is to add every layer individually. The ingredients are never mixed before the rice is on your plate. Hence, it is also right to say that you get served with a portion of the entire cooking that contains all the condiments and flavors The dish on its own is usually dry. So, a complimentary dish of raita (light yogurt) is always a good option. It is best to have biryani in your lunch if you want your stomach to remain full during the day.

2.     Haleem

Moving on with an incredibly hearty dish on the list, Haleem is made with a combination of barley, local wheat varieties, and chickpeas. It is heavily inspired by the Middle Eastern culture and is considered to be a great breakfast meal or can also be eaten as a pre-lunch snack. 

Making haleem takes time. It is slow-cooked for a whole day on very low heat. This is done to give haleem a warm and home-cooked flavor.

Just before it is about to get ready, fried onions, mint leaves, green and dry chilies, and some masala spices are sprinkled in the mother-pot for extra taste, and then you can also squeeze some lemons on top as per your choice to accentuate the flavor of the dish even more. The end result is a dish that is rich in taste and can keep your energy levels high throughout the day. You can also eat haleem with roti.

3.      Karahi

Chicken Karahi is undoubtedly the most popular and loved dish within Pakistan which is the reason why you can always easily find it in roadside shops as well as the best restaurants around the country.

The word karahi refers to a black, iron-made, and scoop-shaped pan in which the karahi curry is cooked by using goat, beef, or chicken. Chefs mostly serve the dish in the same metal bowl and it arrives on the table as sizzling hot. In order to make a Pakistani Chicken Karahi, you need a lot of tomatoes, onions, and the meat of your choice. But it is actually the abundance of tomatoes, a bit of smoky touch to the tender chunks of meat, ghee, and some cream that make the dish so irresistible!

4.      Beef Bihari Kebab

Although Turks were the first to make any kind of kebab in the entire world but ever since Pakistanis have come out with their version of beef Bihari kebab, there is nothing that can beat its taste in the BBQ world.

Such kebabs are made extra scrumptious by first marinating the strips of beef in special Bihari spices (Tempura makes them on our own) and then the pieces are cooked on charcoal. You can enjoy beef Behari kebabs the best with mint yogurt, salad, and purri. We bet that one bite of it will make you forget any other kind of BBQ that you may have had in your life before.

5.      Palak Paneer

This is another classic curry dish that was once the favorite of royals as well. It is made with fresh spinach, onions, spices, paneer, and herbs. But cream and lemons are also incorporated by some for extra flavor.

With that being said, it is important to note that palak paneer is often considered to be similar to saag paneer. The difference between the two is always easily visible as saag is a green leafy vegetable such as mustard greens whereas, palak is pure spinach only.

As this dish is the most special on the list when it comes to vegetable-based Pakistani cuisine therefore not everyone can make it. Hence, if you want to enjoy the most appetizing palak paneer through the term “Pakistani Halal Food near me” then Tempura Grill is your place to be! Now that you have the list ready all you need to do is order our halal food in Houston or even book our platters for the special events.