We can cater events of all sizes!

Full Service Catering

Planning a meal for a large gathering is more challenging than you might expect. Oftentimes, in-house event planning can quickly take a turn from fun to frustrating. You may find that your everyday workload won’t pause for that big event you’re putting together.

You don’t have to figure any of it out when you let Tempura cater your next event!

Reliable Delivery

For over a decade, Tempura has been providing reliable delivery services for our catering clients. You can expect your delivery to arrive on time, every time. With thousands of satisfied customers, we know how to catering the right way.

Easy Pick-Up

Don’t need delivery? Tempura offers convenient pick-up. Place your order ahead of time, knowing it’ll be ready when you need it. Swing by at pick-up time, and you’ll be leaving with your food in minutes.

Attention to Detail

Apart from always getting your order right, we’re all about the details. We always take close note of special requests, whether they’re related to logistics or the food itself. We even pack everything with your setup in mind, so you don’t have to worry about missing utensils, flimsy plates or a low napkin supply.

Great Food

Whether you’re planning a party or a business lunch, Tempura’s Pakistani cuisine, sandwiches, and pizzas are sure to please the crowd. Between the huge menu, fresh ingredients, and ample options, why would you choose anyone else?

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